McCain Stands Out

McCain Stands Out by pendragon David Whelan American politics has become quite a disgusting mixture of self-righteousness and relativism. So-called leaders take either moderate positions that enable them to step to the winning side, or extreme positions that are meant only to curry favor with extreme blocs of voters. The demise of the filibuster in the Senate has been averted but only because some of the more principled Senators took matters into their own hands. Either the party leadership didn’t have the ability or the nerve to do it. Senator John McCain stands out again as putting his principles above the normal fray of the Senate. In some ways, Sen. McCain is not the person you want to be president.  His effectiveness would necessarily be subsumed by the substantial bureaucracy and posturing required of the Executive branch.  He would have to pull some rather remarkable diamonds out of of the rough to avoid the kind of wrong-headed appointments that George W. Bush has found. 

Yet McCain has his views and he sticks by them, neither giving up his conservative stances to succor the left  nor knuckling under when someone like Bill Frist attempts to spike tradition for the sake of his own presidential ambitions.  His views may not be your own – and many of his aren’t ones that I agree with – but from the perspective of having a leader with principles and sense, he appears to be one of a very elite group in recent years in the Congress.

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