Move Window Controls Back to Right in Ubuntu 10.04

Move Window Controls Back to Right in Ubuntu 10.04 by David Whelan One distraction I came across after upgrading to Ubuntu 10.04 (“Lucid Lynx”) was that the window controls at the top right of my Ubuntu program windows (to minimize, maximize, and close the window) had flipped to the left end of the title bar. Since this behavior is different from Windows, Macintosh, and Ubuntu versions prior to 10, I was a bit taken aback. I was also really struggling to get used to the new position. You can imagine the muscle memory that gets your mouse up to the top right corner only to find it empty. Fortunately, in fooling around with Ubuntu Tweaks, I noticed that I can restore the old behavior.

I love Ubuntu Tweak for giving me more control over the nuances of the Ubuntu operating system.  It’s not so much that you can’t do these things in other places, but I am not ever going to make the investment in the operating system that is required to be able to do that.  I want to use it, not fine tune it.  

So Ubuntu Tweak helps me get a bit deeper in without a lot of overhead.  And, as of version 0.5.3, it supports customization of the window controls.  

Fantastic!  This is going to mean it is much easier for me to continue to move between operating systems.

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