Palm Utility: Filez

When I first saw a reference to the Nosleep utility called FileZ, I was put in mind of that other word ending in ‘z’, warez. No pirated software here! FileZ is a fantastic utility and is one of very few utilities I would call “must have” for a Palm user. If you ever wanted extra control over the stuff on your Palm, FileZ can help.

The nosleep open source software project created Filez and it enables you to manage individual files on your Palm. I can’t say that it’s a recommended practice but it comes in handy when you want to see what’s on your Palm.

For example, I was recently reading the Last of the Mohicans on Plucker and something went awry (this is the 2d time it’s happened with Plucker). As soon as you accessed the e-book, the Palm OS rebooted (twice). I used Filez to identify what files Plucker had created, and deleted the one … [rest of post missing]