Photographers on the Library Stacks

Photographers on the Library Stacks by David Whelan I wanted to try Twitter’s Blackbird pie (converts tweet into embeddable HTML) and thought this tweet was a good sample.

Need people-sized pigeon spikes after 2 photogs climbed on top of library stacks in American Room. Top. Standing.Mon May 17 18:46:04 via bit.lydavidpwhelan

In doing this, I used the Publitweet Blackbird Pie bookmarklet, which is an enhanced version of the Twitter Blackbird Pie tool. It does a better job of capturing the tweet.

But I was stymied at first when trying to get the static tweet in order to get the bookmarklet or Twitter tool to work. The trick to view a single tweet is to click on the date/time link for the tweet in your Twitter feed. Once you see just that tweet on your screen, click the Blackbird pie bookmarklet, and it will display the HTML you can paste into your Web site.

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