Plone 2 on Windows 2000

Plone 2 on Windows 2000 by pendragon David Whelan Plone 2 is definitely more resource intensive than the original. I don’t mind, but its power comes at the expense of deficiencies in Windows 2000. I have not yet made the lurch to Windows 2003 server and am not yet confirmed that would fix my general problems.

One of the most annoying is that Plone 2 seems to become sluggish more quickly, eating up Windows’ memory. The only solution I have found is to shutdown the server for a few minutes every few weeks and let it “forget” what it had stashed in its memory. Changing threading and other options, even Windows’ virtual memory, seems to make no difference at all. This will, I’m sure, be largely due to the fact that I’m using inadequate hardware.

Having said that, though, I expect the hardware and memory required for Plone is substantially less than that need for Microsoft’s Exchange and Sharepoint products.

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