Plone 4: Comments Reset

Plone 4: Comments Reset by David Whelan The comments function of Plone remains a weak point. As I found out yesterday when I finally had time to try to reinstall the Quintagroup’s Plone Comments tool. Comment spammers had hit two of my pages and I had about 250 comments that I needed to eliminate. Unfortunately, when I installed the comment product, I could no longer edit any documents with a pre-existing comment.

The installation of quintagroup.plonecomments went smoothly. Add it to your buildout in the eggs and zcml section as laid out at the Quintagroup site.

The trouble I found was when I tried to edit a page that had a comment that existed prior to the installation of plonecomments. When I did that, I received this error:


I wasn’t able to identify exactly what happened but it certainly seemed to be tied to adding the new comment product. It blocked not only editing, though, but also deleting the comment spam. I ended up uninstalling the plonecomment product until I deleted all the comments – both the spam and legitimate comments – and then reinstalled the product.

It was too bad to lose some of the comments but I needed the improved comments management so the trade off had to be made. Now I have a better way to add comments and won’t have to fiddle with it again.

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