Plone Retreat

Plone Retreat by David Whelan David Whelan I was getting pretty swanky with my Plone and began to run into what, in my newbie understanding, must have been some type of memory leak. It led me to do two things: upgrade my system to better serve the sites I’m developing, and thin out the unessential products in my Plone site.
This included the elimination of the MXM Dynamic Page and Plone Chat, among others.  I have not had the time to go through one by one to figure out what the problem was.  Suffice it to say that the problem traveled from my old machine forward to my new until I backed out of a lot of these extra products.  Fortunately, I was able to keep my Plone Poll up!  But the Plone Site Map had to go as well.  The behavior caused in Plone a huge memory grab that meant the server was essentially unresponsive by nightfall, and needed a reboot each morning.  Sure, Windows probably shoulders some blame but it was handling Plone fine before that.

So now I’m on a new Windows box and running better than ever.  It’s inspired me, though, to take a closer look at Linux for serving Plone, so I’m loading the Debian distribution of Linux as I write.  This was remarkably easy, using the “business card” installation of 40 MB on a bootable CD.  It immediately picked up the necessary hardware, installed the drivers, found a network connection, and has been downloading the packages I selected during the installation. 

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