Popoll Nice Poll Add-in

Popoll Nice Poll Add-in by pendragon David Whelan Who knew that one of the first products I found after upgrading to Plone 2 would be a fantastic and easy to install poll? I’d fooled around with the poll product earlier (the tag) but never really got to the point where it was working for me.

PoPoll is provided by Ingeniweb as part of the many projects it’s got going at Sourceforge. It was easy to install – drop it in your Products folder and restart Zope, then point Quickinstaller at it – and to customize.

The only change I made was to take the popoll_slot and convert it to a portlet along the same lines as the rest of the portlets that came with Plone 2. That was as easy as:

  1. Copying a portlet, like portlet_news;
  2. Copying the main content out of popoll_slot;
  3. Dumping it into the renamed portlet_popoll;
  4. Doing some additional customization to the styles to make it format the way I wanted.

So thanks, Ingeniweb!!

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