Quick Access to Plone Comments

Quick Access to Plone Comments by David Whelan This is not the sort of blog where people frequently come and start a conversation. I don’t write with interaction in mind, so it’s no wonder that I mostly end up with comment spam. I added qPloneComments, Quintagroup’s great comment management tool to help me keep the spam queue clear, but it was always a bit of a hassle to navigate to it. Here’s how I added it to my drop down user menu. Quick Access to Plone Comments

Here’s their product.  As you can see from their screenshot, it’s a two tabbed affair, accessible from your site setup.  First you login, click to your site setup, and then comment management is on the second tab, so you’re three clicks in before you get started.

It occurred to me that I could add it to my drop down menu that appears after login and avoid most of those clicks.  First, I opened up the Plone Comments management page and grabbed the URL.  Then I went into the Zope Management Interface (ZMI) and accessed the /portal_actions area.  Under the /portal_actions/user, I created a new CMF Action called Comments, with the URL(expression):


Once you save it, you can reorder the list so that the comments links appears wherever it’s useful (alpha order, whatever).

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