Right Size Your (Legal) Research Published

Right Size Your (Legal) Research Published by David Whelan I wrote a short piece for the Ontario Bar Association, a branch of the Canadian Bar Association, on some tips for managing the costs of legal research. Since research is not a large part of most lawyers’ work, it makes sense to keep tabs on what you’re paying for and how you can save money by balancing your research overhead costs with free resources. As many librarians know, if you don’t watch closely what you’re getting in print and online, you can quickly see your costs rise with little tangible added value. This includes the usual suspects – your local law association libraries, for example – but also some concepts familiar to law librarians that may not be so apparent to lawyers. Right Size Your (Legal) Research Published

Right Size Your Research – Ontario Bar Association Briefly Speaking August 2009

The article is in the August 2009 issue of the OBA’s Briefly Speaking glossy magazine, p. 24.

This sort of article works best for a lawyer audience, as opposed to a blog posting or a library-oriented publication.  It’s like the old marketing saw that you’ve got to be where your customer is.  It will be nearly impossible to gauge the effect of an article like this, but there’s unlikely to be a better way to put the information in front of a large number of lawyers.

Update:  mentioned on the Slaw.ca blog by Connie Crosby.

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