Saturn (Inter) Alia

Saturn (Inter) Alia by pendragon David Whelan There is always death and destruction – and little else, if you rely heavily on modern American news media – but it is nice to be inspired by scientific advance. We cannot sail on Darwin’s Beagle, and one wonders if exploration has truly ended. And then you have Cassini and Huygens, an international cooperative space effort.

Darwin’s ship is no longer seaworthy, but the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft is alive and well and the new lord of Saturns rings!

In truth, I hadn’t been following the mission. I’m not an avid space buff and I must admit a bit of a lukewarm attitude towards . On the one hand, they’ve had some spectacular failures in the Challenger and Columbia disasters. On the other, they’ve been so successful with the Space Shuttle program that it’s take off and landing shcedule is as uninteresting as any airliner’s.

The Mars Rover mission was interesting but it approached the level of a Battlebots program. The enthusiasm the scientists had for the analysis – which is ongoing – is honroable and yet is not as inspirational as the rings of Saturn. There is something all together awesome about the successes of the Cassini program.

Hopefully it will be the necessary deterrent to the politically-inspired manned mission to Mars direction.

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