Security in a Wired World

Security in a Wired World by David Whelan Today I participated in my first teleconference continuing legal education (CLE) seminar. Not only was that a first, but I was with the largest panel of speakers I’d ever experienced at one session and from a variety of backgrounds. The session went smoothly and I picked up a lot of interesting tips and hopefully the content will be useful for the live (and future) participants.

David R. Canton, Harrison Pensa LLP, moderator

Metadata, Electronic File Management and File Destruction

David Outerbridge, Torys LLP

Peter Ruby, Goodmans LLP


Mobile Computing

Candice Low, Info-Tech Research Group

David Whelan, The Law Society of Upper Canada


Cloud Computing

David Whelan, The Law Society of Upper Canada

Garry J. Wise, Wise Law Office


Current and Future Trends

Candice Low, Info-Tech Research Group

Peter Ruby, Goodmans LLP

We discussed everything from internal document and file management to how to deal with hardware destruction, encryption and password protection for laptops, and remote wipes for Blackberry and iPhone users, as well as cloud computing and future trends. 

The large cast – 5 substantive speakers plus a moderator – was unusual but it worked well, with pairs of us handling 20 minute segments and others chiming in as they felt comfortable.   The full agenda and ability to purchase access/materials is at the Law Society but you can see the quick list and speakers to the right.

There was a particularly good discussion about Software-as-a-Service in particular, and whether lawyers should be using SaaS providers and under what circumstances.

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