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Talk Talk Talk by David Whelan I’ve enjoyed writing for Law Technology News and my latest article on RSS for lawyers is in the December 2007 issue. But there’s a twist this month. Monica Bay, the editor of Law Technology News, has kicked off a monthly podcast related to the magazine’s contents. As part of the Legal Talk Network, you can catch Monica interviewing me about RSS in the inaugural podcast. Talk Talk Talk

Yahoo! Pipes Associated Press and Reuters Mega News Feed

Monica has used a lot of avenues to communicate, whether through the Law Technology News web site or her Common Scold blog.  It was an honor to be asked to participate in the podcast but I was just as curious as anything else, to see how the whole procedure worked.  I’ve been involved in online course delivery using Real streaming media while teaching at the University of Illinois.  But I was always on the giving end, and haven’t had an opportunity to hear the delivery.

You can hear the podcast on the Legal Talk Network.  I was on a telephone from Toronto, which you can tell from the recording, but Monica’s side sounds like studio quality.  As a regular listener to the Marketplace and Washington Week podcasts, I was pleased that the audio quality was as good as it, considering it was over the phone.  Unlike a presentation or classroom lecture, where you can return to a topic when you aren’t connecting with an audience, it was strange to do a single take, and know that your “one bite at the apple” is going to be the only takeaway.  It’s like being back in law school (or a courtroom, I’d imagine) and doing a mock trial.  It certainly concentrates the mind!

The article on RSS (requires a free login account) is more in-depth than the podcast, and the additional detail is probably more useful to a law librarian or lawyer than the intended audience of the podcast.  Since writing it, I’ve been using Yahoo!’s Pipes tool to create mega news feeds for my PDA.

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