Time To Prune Bush

Time To Prune Bush by pendragon David Whelan No, I’m not advocating forceful regime change (got that, FBI Carnivore lackey?). I am hopeful, however, that the continuing joblessness and increasing hopelessness the country is experiencing will help shake the American voter into voting for someone – anyone – other than George W. Bush.

The Chicago Tribune, among others, noted that only 1000 jobs were created in December 2003 and that the Bush administration has largely expended its arsenal of financial tools to fix the economic problems we suffer.  More disconcerting, though, was that over 300,000 workers decided to leave the job market – not just unemployed and looking, but they have essentially given up on finding new employment.

The shell game goes on, however, since the “war is over” in Iraq (another 17 soldiers dead in the last few days), the economy is recovering (longest sustained period of job loss since the Depression), and on and on.  So if we’re going to have a manned expedition to Mars, let’s send Bush there ASAP.  See if he can find some of that “Texas Tea” on the surface of the Red Planet.

The next 12 months will be an interesting slide to mediocrity – will the Democrats finally settle on one horse to carry the party across the river?  Will the American public decide that a functionaly illiterate commander-in-chief, a perpetually hidden vice-president with ties to multi-national corporations who appear to be bilking the citizens, and an otherwise incompetent administration and bureaucracy are no longer acceptable inhabitants of the halls of power.  May the least thoughtful, least visionary, least ethical politician win.

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