Ubuntu 9.10: Access Windows Files in Dual Boot System

I am straddling two universes at the moment, using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and Windows XP on the same machine. I had assumed that I would be rebooting if I needed to grab something from my XP machine that I hadn’t dumped out to a server somewhere. You can imagine my surprise when I went into my Places menu in Ubuntu, clicked on Desktop, and in the new window, saw an icon for my computer right next to my File System.

When I clicked on it, it opened up my Windows XP C drive, and I could browse down to the appropriate folder and open or copy files that I needed to work on.  This is a great feature for anyone migrating from Windows to Ubuntu, because you can keep your XP installation alive but also have Ubuntu as your primary environment.

This explains why, when I did the install from the LIVE CD (on a USB drive), Ubuntu imported my Windows XP My Documents folder.  No magic involved, it can actually see the files on my Windows partition.

David Whelan

I improve information access and lead information teams. My books on finding information and managing it and practicing law using cloud computing reflect my interest in information management, technology, law practice, and legal research. I've been a library director in Canada and the US, as well as directing the American Bar Association's Legal Technology Resource Center. I speak and write frequently on information, technology, law library, and law practice issues.