Use Online Express Services

Use Online Express Services by pendragon I wrote a short article with 8 reasons why using FedEx and United Parcel Services online can help your law firm save money and be more efficient. These opportunities scale very well from small law firms (2 or 3 attorneys) although the way up to the mega firms.

The article is online at the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center but appeared in Law Firm Inc. magazine’s debut April 2003 issue. The larger the organization, the more likely you will be able to leverage more benefits out of the services. I’ve been particularly impressed by the ease of creating airbills on the road and not having to worry about tracking them: I get e-mails when they’re picked up and e-mails when they’re signed for and delivered. It encourages me not to plan ahead because the services have made it so simple to use them just when they are needed.

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