What's Judge Moore Up To?

What’s Judge Moore Up To? by pendragon The Ten Commandments are not, to me, much to lose sleep about. While critical to certain religious faiths, many of the adherents of those faiths don’t follow them with any regularity and I’m not going to lose any sleep over their existence on a large rock in an Alabama court house.

For those social conservatives who might agree that the ‘Ten Commandments’ deserve a monument in the courthouse, I highly recommend Culture Wars.  It’s a very good – and, I think, balanced – discussion of how social conservatives and liberals are effecting, and being affected by, change in the law.  It’s a bit old, but definitely a thumping good read.

Just thinking on it reminds me of my law school study group – an evangelical Christian, a devout Mormon, a self-described Deist (later to become more traditional), and me.  This book sparked a number of interesting debates and I don’t think there were any “party” lines at the end of these discussions.  I suppose we were better able to discuss things rationally than most people who argue over symbols and their meaning and place in our society.

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