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Using Redirects

This has been a week for redirects.  We are migrating a subsection of the Law Society’s Web site from one location to another.  The content is moving from a Sun One 6.1 application server and into our enterprise content management system.  In the past, technical staff manually updated each file but this makes the timing of a migration harder.

Redirects From Sun One to EWCMS

This time we tried the NameTrans redirect command in the obj.conf file for the server.  It’s an easy command to implement but I wasn’t able to find any information on what sort of server load redirects would cause on the application server.

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In the end, there seemed to be enough other folks using substantially more redirects that our small number wouldn’t be a drag.

Redirects from Plone to WordPress

In moving my content from Plone to WordPress this weekend, the disconnect between content in one location and another bothered me.  Because I harvested the site using HTTrack and then imported it, I didn’t have a good redirect function.  Although Stephanie Leary’s HTML importer creates your redirect files for you, since the content was not imported from its source folders, the redirect files didn’t help me.

Fortunately, it seems as though some simple rewrites in Apache have done the trick. First, I turned the RewriteEngine On and then caught my old RSS feed and forwarded it to my new one:

RewriteRule  ^/Blog/RSS$    /feed/ [R]

I identified a second RSS feed on my site with subscribers and forwarded that too.  I have not been able to do proper 301 redirects on my site, but most of my visitors come from search engines, and all of my content has already been reindexed.  I’ve decided to just leave well enough alone.

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