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Current Play List: August 2011

Life has been too busy to regularly capture my musical habits, which I used to do more regularly.  I have run across some new-to-me music, though, so I figured it was time to share.

Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires is an English band whose music I’m becoming quite keen on.  I ran across Skeleton Boy (video below) while putting together a play list of interesting music videos for my kids to watch on Youtube.  It’s an unusual video – the blowing fake snow looks a bit uncomfortable – but the song is really great.  I keep thinking, “It sounds like . . .  ” and not quite being able to place it.  It has gotten me listening again to The Las, Northside, and the Stone Roses, but I don’t think that’s the connection.

When I was in the U.S. recently, I used my free Last.fm account to listen to a Friendly Fires radio stream.  It connected me to some more great music, including Moon Theory by Miami Horror and What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club.  I particularly like the latter, which often gets put on permanent replay.

B.o.B.:  Magic, featuring Rivers Cuomo

I’m a fan of Weezer (tech connection:  their song Buddy Holly was a sample video distributed on Microsoft Windows 95 installation CDs!), so it was funny when I was listening to the local radio station (on the Web, naturally) and heard B.o.B. singing Magic.  What I didn’t realize was that Rivers Cuomo was featured on the song, and has another enjoyable video.


The television show is not of much interest to me but I enjoy the music that it generates.  I sang a cappella back in the day and men’s choral music (particularly the Welsh) has always been something I enjoy.  The Dalton Academy Warblers (sound provided by the Tufts Beelzebubs) do some great versions of popular songs.  Of all the many Glee albums that have been released, the Warblers one is by far my favorite.

It had me searching out other a cappella CDs.  I used to follow the University of Michigan Friars, so I figured there might be more university groups, like Tufts, out there.  I was impressed by the annual Voice Only compilations, which would seem tailor made for Glee fans.

Grab Bag

Other bands and music that have made it onto my MP3 player these last few weeks include:

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