Preparing for All Hallow's Eve

Halloween is a fun holiday and our children still engage in both costumes and trick-or-treating, primarily for the accumulation of sugar!  Our traditions involve homemade costumes (which has meant sewing for me each of the last two years), pumpkin carving that is becoming increasingly complicated, and a brisk stroll through our neighborhood in the dark.

We go to Coopers CSA each year since coming to Canada.  Like most of the pumpkin patches we have heard about, it is more experience than a place to purchase a pumpkin.  Mazes, climbing structures made out of hay bales, petting zoos with goats, and on and on.  We had the same experience with an apple orchard last year.  I appreciate that farming is a hard business but we drive past another pumpkin patch on the way to Coopers and just roll our eyes at how over the top and carnival-like the place looks.  Pumpkin purchases seem almost an after thought.

This year at Coopers was a bit unusual, as the pumpkins had suffered from the recent frost and temperature drop – snow expected today – and most of the pumpkins in the field were rotting.  We went through the maze, clambered on hay bales (surprisingly universal pleasure for kids) and grabbed some pumpkins.  They have converted a John Deere combine harvester into a slide, so you climb into the cab of the vehicle and slide out through the bottom rear!  Nothing like innovation with old equipment.

Notice:  Unattended children will be sold to the circus
Notice: Unattended children will be sold to the circus
David Whelan

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