Taking a Compliment

I was working in a law firm when I was a teenager and someone said, “you need to learn to take a compliment.”  It’s something that I still consciously think about because I often feel compelled to reply with some self-deprecation, and often am conflicted about whether the compliment is really deserved or not.

In 2009 I wrote the first edition of my book (second edition is written and being readied for publication), a project I initiated nearly a year earlier because I wanted to understand first hand the publishing process.  The book generated a complementary blog which I have maintained now for nearly 2 years.

The blog – Finding Legal Information – has been recognized twice now as a finalist in the Legal Research Blog category in the Canadian Law Blog (CLawBies) Awards.  It’s a real honor to be selected as a finalist, but I appreciate almost more that someone took the time to make the nomination in the first place.  Recognition feels great, but the nomination indicates to me that someone out there gets value from what I am doing.  For me, adding value is one of the best measures of whether you should be doing something.  I’m hoping that the blog continues to be of value in the future.

David Whelan

I improve information access and lead information teams. My books on finding information and managing it and practicing law using cloud computing reflect my interest in information management, technology, law practice, and legal research. I've been a library director in Canada and the US, as well as directing the American Bar Association's Legal Technology Resource Center. I speak and write frequently on information, technology, law library, and law practice issues.