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Enhancing Windows 7 Music Experience

I use an older media server to deliver the nearly 60 GBs of music files ripped from my CD collection.  When I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7, I found that Windows Media Player would no longer add the server to the music library.  Even though I can access the drive and reach the individual files, they won’t retrieve through the player.

This has led to a recurring search for a media player that will run on Windows without being clunky and that will index this older server.  Apple iTunes would seem an obvious choice but, in addition to it being a terribly bloated and slow product, it wouldn’t index the music either.  Songbird looked positive but it is flaky and somehow just hangs for awhile for no apparent reason.

I finally located Media Monkey, which bears a marked resemblance to media players like Banshee and Rhythmbox under Ubuntu.  It is nice and light on Windows 7 and picks up all of my music.  So far, so good.