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Polishing Ubuntu 11.10's Edges

Ubuntu is my fast operating system.  When I don’t have time to wait for Microsoft Windows to load itself up and decide whether it is going to respond, I dual boot into Ubuntu.  I reloaded Ubuntu 11.10 recently and was fooling around with its configurations.  The latest version uses a new interface – Unity – that I am finally comfortable with, although it eliminates much of the customization that you can normally do on an Ubuntu system.

I was glad to find that someone had instructions on how to get the latest version of Ubuntu Tweak installed on Ocelot.  The new version has a streamlined interface but is just as easy to use. I don’t tweak very much but I like making minor window changes.

After downloading Google Chrome, I couldn’t get it to install.  The Ubuntu Software Centre intercepts any attempts to open a .deb file and it wouldn’t finish the process.  Fortunately, I could still get to the command line and run the dpkg -i command to install.

Firefox is the default browser so it took me a bit of hunting around to discover the System Info application that controls the default applications on the PC.  I was able to change it so that Web content will default to Chrome.

The Banshee music player works great in my environment and I use Gwibber for Twitter, although I prefer the Web site or using Hootsuite.  It’s great to have an operating systems that is fast and easy to use.  Relying more and more heavily on browser-based technology means that switching back and forth between operating systems requires little effort.