Current Play List: Winter 2012

When we left the U.S. a few years back, I left behind because it is paid content in Canada where it was free in the U.S.  In fact, I like the music service and would pay for it if I used it more.  I’ve still got a profile on Last and, when I am traveling in the U.S. and working online in the hotel in the evenings, will sometimes turn it on.

I’ve recently come across Slacker Radio which does the same sort of thing and is free in Canada.  It has given me the same challenge as Last, because I enjoy the service and it is one of the few online information services that I use that I would consider paying for a premium account.  The music I’ve been listening to offline and my Slacker use have started to ebb and flow between each other, as I unearth new music on Slacker based on old favorites that I listen ad infinitum on my MP3 player.

UK Indie Station

The Slacker channel I keep returning to is the UK Indie station.  The selections are almost never things I have heard of before and, since it’s a category that isn’t generated by something I select – a Weezer channel, for example – it really exposes me to things I wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

Like Admiral Fallow.  They are called a Scottish indie folk rock group, which is I suppose as good a description as any although perhaps not that informative.  It could make you think of a traditional tiddly-tiddly-bagpipey-tiddly band and I don’t think that’s what they are.    I heard their song Squealing Pigs on Slacker and loved the vocals.  Here’s the video:

Other songs that I’ve hit the Favorite button on are Walcott by Vampire Weekend, Heaven for the Weather by The Streets, Fluorescent Adolescent and Teddy Picker by the Arctic Monkeys, and Down with the Drumpfets by Rizzle Kicks.