Law Times Interview on Smart Phones

This video story for Law Times News was pitched around smart phones and what lawyers are using.  The title – iPhone or Blackberry – may suggest a comparison, but the focus of our interview wasn’t.   Or at least, when Phil Brown and I sat down to talk with the interviewer, that wasn’t really our take.

The interviewer, a soon to be graduate of Ryerson’s journalism school, did a good job putting together the video snippets she’d collected.  In our case, the camera she brought didn’t work so we fell back on my HP hard drive cam, which is why the audio for our segments is so much weaker than that of the others.

Spoiler:  iPhone looks like it’s gaining at Blackberry’s expense, but don’t take our word for it.  There are interesting surveys from the International Legal Technology Association and the American Bar Association that discuss this trend in detail.

[Law Times uses a funky embed code, calling the Flash player separately from the file, so my WordPress short codes don’t work to call it]