Water, Water, Everywhere

I just realized that the last public post on this site was nearly a month ago!  I’ve been writing a lot but just not out in public.  April has flown by, taken up with a variety of projects both at work and outside.  I was finally able to document our March trip to Europe as I was recuperating from surgery and could cadge from my trip journal.

At the same time, I have been slogging through a manuscript for Carswell (a Thomson Reuters business) that I am preparing on cloud computing and law practice.  It is finally falling into place but I’ve found that the excess of time I seemed to have had back in 2010 when I wrote my first book doesn’t exist any longer.  It hasn’t been helped by the constantly adapting ethics landscape as well as some significant changes in the last year in my own views about lawyers using cloud.

Things are starting to loosen up, though, so I’m hoping to be back to blogging, both here and at Finding Legal Information.