Practical Social Media for Lawyers

This is becoming a more regular topic for me than I expected.  First, there was the 3 hour workshop in the beginning of the year that resulted in this 40 page paper, which laid out how to select social media and go through steps in creating accounts and avoiding ethical pitfalls.

Now I’ve  I had the honor of speaking with Antonin Pribetic, a Toronto litigator and the lawyer behind the Trial Warrior blog as part of the 2012 Solo and Small Firm Conference put on by the Law Society.  Our focus was a more abbreviated look at the practical and ethical use of social media by lawyers.

We did a combined slide deck so here are my slides (Antonin has posted his as well).  My piece was to look at some of the elements of identifying social media, measuring it, and improving your chances of being found by search engines.  Antonin delved further into his own experiences using Twitter, blogging, and his experience being on the edge of communications media that aren’t necessarily well understood by regulators.

Here is my paper for this conference.  It is a significantly abbreviated version of the one mentioned above.  In particular, it does not have the checklists that the other one included that may be useful in maintaining your accounts.

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