Up Close with Jellyfish

We visited Chicago last week and did a pretty typical blitz through some of our favorite museums there.  We have been to some extraordinarily good museums over time but Chicago really stands out.  Having lived north of Chicago for a few years, we were familiar with the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum, and many others.  The Shedd is always at the top of our list and this visit included a special exhibit of jellyfish.

Here are some of the jellies we saw.  As I mentioned to someone, I am fine with jellyfish so long as there is a bit of plexiglass between me and them.  We visited Prince Edward Island a few years ago and the north / eastern shore was covered with them.  Our littlest walked up to one and gave it a good poke in the top.  No (noticeable) harm done but we warned him off.  I admit to being leery ever since reading Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Lion’s Mane.