National Film Board of Canada Films and WordPress

When I was young, my family returned to Canada during the summers to go camping in Algonquin Provincial Park.  At night, we’d bundle up and walk from Pog Lake to the amphitheatre where the rangers would show films and often provide a nature talk.  Some of those films stuck as family favorites and, over the years, have become embedded in our family culture.

My branch of the family moved back to Canada 5 years ago and it caused me to look into some of these older films.  To my delight, you could now purchase many of them as DVDs or VHS videos from the National Film Board of Canada.  We added two of the Ti-Jean films, Paddle to the Sea, the Voyageurs, and The Beaver Dam (no longer available for sale!) to our video collection, and have now shown them to our children and passed on the lore behind the sayings that they have heard from their grandparents, uncles, and aunt.

I came across a WordPress plugin developed by the NFB today when putting up a post about camping in Voyageur country.  The plugin works great and, using a shortcode-like convention, allows you to easily embed their videos into your WordPress site.  Here’s The Cry of the Wild, just because I can!


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