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Overcome Apps Incompatible on Android U8651T

When I rooted my Android and applied 2.3.7 to the U8651T, the first thing I noticed was that some apps that had been available before were no longer accessible.  The quick fix was to align some of the basic settings in the build.prop file from the version I had backed up before rooting the device.  I finally had the time to sit down and walk through the two build.prop files and compare the differences further.

Typical bug fixing.  I opened the two build.prop files as text files on my computer and did a search on the newer one for each line in the old one.  As I came across a difference, I:

  1. opened Root Explorer on my phone and navigated to the /System folder
  2. mounted as R/W (icon at top of screen) so I could edit
  3. long-held the build.prop file icon
  4. selected Open in Text Editor from the menu
  5. navigated to the line and modified it to match the original build.prop file
  6. hit the back arrow button on the phone to get rid of the editor and then be prompted to save the file
  7. Returned to the home screen and then selected the menu button on the phone and accessed Settings
  8. I navigated to Applications, selected Google Play, and cleared data and cache
  9. Then I rebooted the phone (long hold power button, select reboot)
  10. Open Google Play and attempt to download an app.  In my case, it was Adobe Reader as a test.

I found one difference almost immediately but was pretty sure it wasn’t the issue (it was a date setting).  Still, I made the change, and, as expected, it made no difference.

Three changes later, I finally twigged it.  The old build.prop had this line:


The new build.prop file had these two lines:


I had commented out the matching line (putting a # at the start will do that, causing the phone to ignore that line).  It had helped with some applications becoming accessible but not all of them.  This time, I changed those lines to:


Notice that I changed abi2 to abi on the second line.  I commented out the first line this time, and then restarted.  I could now access the Adobe Reader and download it.  I’ve tried a couple of other apps that were also incompatible and they are also now available.

I do not understand what this line does.  It seems to allow the phone to take advantage of ARM processor improvements on version 6 (and I’ve seen similar lines referencing version 7).  However, until I can document what I’m missing out on, I’m happy to just be able to get back into my formerly useful – but temporarily unavailable – apps.

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