Litigation Technology Basics

There is a lot of talk about e-discovery and the technologies associated with it when discussing what is being used during litigation.  I was asked to talk to a group of lawyers – primarily solo and small firms – about litigation technology and I decided to focus on the basics.

It was a short presentation; I hope no-one felt it was not short enough!  The focus was on using software you already have (Microsoft Office Excel and Powerpoint for chronologies, OneNote for trial binders), searching for information, signing electronic documents, and mobile apps that are geared towards the litigation lifecycle, in particular towards presentation.  Here are my slides and the paper I submitted to Colloquium 2012, held in Sudbury.

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David Whelan
I improve information access and lead information teams. My books on finding information and managing it and practicing law using cloud computing reflect my interest in information management, technology, law practice, and legal research. I've been a library director in Canada and the US, as well as directing the American Bar Association's Legal Technology Resource Center. I speak and write frequently on information, technology, law library, and law practice issues.