'Tis the Season for Snowflakes

We have had a tradition going back many years to create paper snowflakes at Christmas time.  Other than the snowflakes, we have a Christmas tree with ornaments, some paper streamers, and bunting on the stairs.  In other words, we aren’t contributing too heavily to the commercialism around Christmas.

I especially enjoy the snowflakes and typically make a dozen or more each year.  We put them on all of our front windows at home and I place them on the windows at work, when I have a window.  As you can see from the gallery below, which are this year’s first cut-out flakes, I don’t try to be too traditional when I fold and cut.  I don’t appear to use any common folding techniques.  For some of them, I use an origami method (the first steps are similar to those for creating a paper crane) and for others I just fold triangles until I get down to the right number of layers.  It is fun to try new patterns and remind myself anew each year which parts shouldn’t be cut!