Confidentiality in Law Practice

This is my latest effort at the “Confidentiality in a Wired World” session that I give every 6 months or so for lawyers who are joining the Ontario bar from other jurisdictions.  Well, every 6 months so far.  I’m an in-house guy, so they may just ask me back out of guilt!  In any event, I created an e-book of my paper this year – it requires Adobe’s PDF reader but seems to open the extra links to videos and podcasts fine on Android, so I have fingers crossed for the Apple folks – in addition to the slides.  You can see both below.

David Whelan

I improve information access and lead information teams. My books on finding information and managing it and practicing law using cloud computing reflect my interest in information management, technology, law practice, and legal research. I've been a library director in Canada and the US, as well as directing the American Bar Association's Legal Technology Resource Center. I speak and write frequently on information, technology, law library, and law practice issues.

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