Wild Kingdom

Spring is finally breaking through.  It was hard to see the other day when we had the last attempt at snow, which quickly became frozen rain and coated the area in ice.  The animals are all out and about.  I’ve been watching a lot of the changes out on the river and it’s interesting to see the suburban animals start appearing.

They’re often “pests” but I like the chipmunk, squirrels, and hordes of grackles and starlings that make their way from bird feeder to bird feeder.  There’s something comfortable about the fat mourning doves hovering near whatever food source grabs their fancy.  The finches were flitting about in the shrubs and rose bushes, getting a bit of food and avoiding the bigger birds.

The chipmunk (Tamias striatus) drives the dog bonkers, as do the squirrels.  The snow has kept them away but they were out and quite brazenly eating in the front yard while the snow came down.  The chipmunk appeared to be opening its mouth and, like a weird little vacuum, filling its mouth pouches with fallen seed.

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