Chrome and Tiny Tiny RSS

When Google announced it was wrapping up Reader, I flipped immediately to Tiny Tiny RSS and decided also to go back to Mozilla Firefox.  That experiment has ended.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with the Web browser but there were a couple of irritants that made me decide to go back to Chrome.  One was a repeated problem with Firefox Sync – where your bookmarks, etc. are kept in sync – that I was unable to figure out how to solve.  Another was on my tablet, where Firefox was ignoring the space bar so I was having to double tap it to type in a search term.

Long story short, I’m back on Chrome.  But still using Tiny Tiny RSS.  One of the nice features of Tiny Tiny is that it has built in support for Firefox.  When you find an RSS feed, Tiny Tiny can be configured to appear in the drop down list of RSS readers and, if you want, be the default.  Again, replicating behavior common with Google Reader.

This is easy to do with Google Chrome, if you know where to put the information.  I found it on one of the support forums.

The first thing to do is to go to a feed and have it prompt you to subscribe.  You should see something like this (below) with Bloglines (!?!) listed as the default RSS reader in the drop down menu.

chrome-feed-first-screenClick on the drop down and select the Manage option to add your Tiny Tiny RSS server to the list (and remove the others).  You can see that “Whelan Tiny Tiny” is already in the list.

The new screen that appears gives you a list of all of the possible feed readers you use.  You can delete the ones you don’t want (select the name and click the REMOVE button) or leave them.

chrome-feed-second-screenTo add yours, click the Add button, give it a name (first box) and then put this in the second one:


If you have a secure connection, you should put the “s” in after the http:


I think it’s obvious but replace “your-tiny-tiny-server-domain-name” with YOUR domain name or server name:  localhost,, whatever.  Click the SAVE button and return to the list of feed readers.  You can close the tab or window now and go back to the feed subscription page.

Now you should be able to select your Tiny Tiny RSS server from the list and – if you check the box – set it as the default RSS reader.