Spring Migration on Pointe Pelee

Most of my nature posts are segmented now over at Season by the River, where I load daily pictures from our local area.  We headed south a few weeks ago during the major spring migration of birds across southern Ontario.  Our weekend took in a day at Pointe Pelee National Park and a visit to a state park across the border in Michigan.

Pointe Pelee is a bit out of the way but is notable for having the southern most point of Canada at the tip – literally – of its park.  It is a significant way station for bird migration and also for monarch butterflies in the fall.  We were mostly just visiting out of curiosity and were able to swing by during the migration.  There were birders everywhere and we saw many birds but weren’t really in a position to identify many of them.  We walked down to the beach at the tip but it was covered with migrating birds so we hung back, as the warning signs asked us to.  Nevertheless, a pair of couples continued on and caused all of the birds to fly off – hundreds – so that they could reach the end of the sand spit.

Here are some photos of the birds – we saw more but I’m not very good at capturing them – , flowers, and water creatures we saw along the way.

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