Apps for Traveling in Iceland

We had an amazing trip to Iceland, which I’ve written up elsewhere.  One piece that I’ve had on my back burner for a while was to talk about the many apps that you can use in Iceland.  I do not normally use travel apps, beyond Google Maps.  I’m more likely to stick to Web sites with travel information.

Iceland is different though.  I found some very compelling Android apps, most of which I used and some I was just glad to have.

These are all for Android.

Literary Reykjavik AppLiterary Reykjavik

Reykjavik is a walkable city.  We – two adults, three kids – walked miles each day in the short time we had there.  There’s lots to see and this app has audio commentaries to support your explorations.  The app is maintained by the Reykjavik City Library and City of Literature.

Icelandic Road Signs AppIcelandic Road Signs

Most road signs in Iceland will be familiar.  But there are many I’d never seen before and this was a great resource – before driving in Iceland – to learn the sorts of signs to expect.  In a land where there are frequently no guardrails and lots of blind curves and hills, and where signs often have no words, this was a valuable prep tool.

Cover artIceland Travel Guide

This app is a bit generic and you may have other guides you prefer.  I found this app to be easy to use and navigate, and more portable both before and during the trip, than a bunch of guide books.

Cover artRealtime Reykjavik Bus Information

This was a cool app that I ended up not using, although I admit to just opening it up one night in Reykjavik, footsore, and watching the buses go around!  It’s a clever concept and if you find you’ve gotten further from your hotel than you intended, can be a great way to find a fast way home.

I also tried Be Iceland, GuidePal‘s Reykjavik guide, and a news app, Iceland Newspaper.  They were nice to look at but not much use when we arrived.