Corporate Counsel Can Work Anywhere

Corporate counsel and in-house lawyers can work anywhere: in the office, on the road, at home.  Unfortunately, mobile lawyering for corporations is as anemic a productivity tool as it is for lawyers everywhere.  Legal professionals who generate new work product and communications at their desk do less when they get away from the office.  Tablets and smartphones allow lawyers to untether but are largely consumption devices.  If you are thinking of downsizing to a smaller screen device, be aware of the impact of that on your work product and client interactions.

Are lawyers leaving laptops behind only to buy a tablet and a keyboard and create a substandard experience on the road?  That is one of the topics I touch on in a panel later today as part of the Association of Corporate Counsel seminars on Emerging Global Trends for in-house and corporate counsel in Toronto.  The full paper is below, including a link to a version formatted for the mobile lawyer.  You can be as breathless about consumerization and mobile technology as you like but change is happening around the edges.

The paper also looks at issues like borders and clean laptops and devices (how to wipe an Android or iOS device, for example) and considerations that are special to lawyers working for companies.  Centralized IT and device management, the issues surrounding “bring your own device” (BYOD) are there but you may also be an easier target because of your relationship to your company, than most lawyers are with their clients.