SharePoint Document Library as Local Favorite

Now that I’m using SharePoint more frequently, I’m finding some things are easier to do through Windows Explorer.  For example, I moved a file into my “Shared with Everyone” folder.  But then I couldn’t figure out how to move it back out again.​  [I discovered that there is a Navigate Up option in the toolbar.  Later.]

You can connect SharePoint to your PC so it works a bit like your shared drives.  When you are in your Documents view, click on the Library tab and the Connect to Office button.  Then Add to SharePoint Sites.


Depending on your SharePoint environment, at some point in the future (ours synchronizes overnight) shortcuts will be added so that you can navigate to C:\users\your_username\SharePoint Sites and see your SharePoint resources in Windows Explorer.


Go to this view so that you can see them.  One should be your name – Documents.  Now scroll up to the top on the left hand navigation bar, so that you can see the Favorites label.  Right-click on it and select the option Add Current Location to Favorites.


Now, when you open Windows Explorer, you can just go to your Favorites and access your files.  It doesn’t just expose your Documents folder though.  You can navigate through all of the files that create your Documents views, that present your Blog (if you use one) and a lot of other interesting stuff.

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  1. Excellent article David! This is a great alternative method of accessing SharePoint document libraries.

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