SharePoint HTML for Search Results Design Templates

I’ve been playing with the Search Results Web part to try to emulate the SharedwithMe function that exists in Office365 but is missing on-premises.  My custom search is retrieving better results – my query string is:

{searchboxquery} IsMyDocuments:1 -SharedWithInternal={User.Name} IsContainer<>true

[note: I’m trying to exclude “Shared with Everyone” results, and the IsContainer mostly does that.  I’m finding that the exclusion “-” doesn’t always work properly as I try to parse Path and other variables]

but now I want to fiddle with the presentation of the search results.  I quickly ran into a problem where, in the many instructions online to customize HTML files, those files did not appear in SharePoint Designer.

This guy found the answer and Microsoft has a step-by-step that shows how to enable publishing.  Go to Site Settings, then Site Collection Features, scroll down to SharePoint Server Publishing and click Activate.  Go back to SharePoint Designer and open your site again, and you’ll have HTML files paired with their Javascript files, where the HTML was missing before.

Now to get further into the Design Manager.  This is where you can see, through the Web (not SharePoint Designer) the master pages, design templates, etc. in the site.  In particular, I need to understand better the SharePoint 2013 page template model and where everything goes.

Microsoft has a list of the design template elements that you’ll find through Designer or Design Manager.  Otherwise, like me, you may be scratching your head for which of the many display templates – Item_Word or Item_Picture or Item_Default – you need to edit.

David Whelan

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