Put Apple iTunes in a Windows Box

I don’t like Apple products, as a rule. iTunes is emblematic: it gives me access to a music library, but you have to stop it from harvesting (and replacing) your music, and it installs a load of unnecessary software. It was great news to see that iTunes is now an app in the Windows Store.

That’s good news because, when you install iTunes from Apple’s web site directly, you also install:

  • Apple Application Support (32bit and 64bit)
  • Apple Mobile Device Support
  • Apple Update
  • Bonjour (network device tool)

It’s not just that they’re installed, but they’re loaded as services sitting in memory. I’m not a heavy iTunes user and so I tended to download the app, install all the bloatware, buy my music, and then uninstall it. You can uninstall some of the apps (Bonjour and the Update tool) but iTunes won’t run without others.

My first attempt with a Windows Store version of an independent app was Kodi (XBMC). It works just like the standalone app, but is downloaded, and updated, from the Store.

The same thing with iTunes but, more importantly, it’s like there’s a fence around the iTunes app. When you install it and start it up, it imports your existing iTunes settings and folders. But it doesn’t install anything but the base iTunes app – au revoir, Bonjour.

The Microsoft Store is, on its face, full of rubbish. But I may take a bit of time and scroll through to see if any more of the one-off apps I use are in there. Like using Minecraft without needing a separate (and insecure) Java install any longer, it looks like Store apps may be a better option given a choice.