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  1. I added in excerpts and featured images after reading your post. Now they are showing up in each post in a weird place (right at the top of the screen). Where can I find more information about these features and how to control them? Yes, I have looked through the entire editing menu twice. Thanks.

    1. This is where I’d start for more on excerpts, from the WP codex. The Featured Image is also known as Post Thumbnail and here’s the codex entry. Normally the excerpt won’t show on anything but a list page (like Archives or Search or a home page). Controlling placement depends on where they’re showing up. If the boxes are appearing on your Administrative interface (Dashboard) above the post, you can drag and drop them further down the screen. Click on the box to drag it to where you like.

      If they’re showing up weird on the presentation – the public side – then you can do one or two things. A good place to start is in your theme’s options. It may be an option the theme settings offers – featured image placement, for example. The second is to just retheme it yourself. Go into Appearance > Customize and scroll down to Additional CSS and add styling to move it and size it for where you like. I usually right-click on the image or whatever, select Inspect Element to find the relevant class or ID, and then style. I’m using the TwentySeventeen theme, so another thing you could try is to look at themes that support the placement you’d prefer by default.

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