Little Things Count

I’ve been in film acquisition mode recently.  Well, accidental acquisition mode.  I was watching a film on blu-ray and realized there was a digital download available.  Then I bought some chips and 2 cans of Pringles results in a free … Read more

Divide Android App is Divine

We have just switched off Lotus Notes as an e-mail platform and over to Microsoft Exchange.  Now I can synchronize my e-mail, calendar, and contacts directly to my phone.  The dark side of carrying corporate data on your personal device … Read more

Slide Deck Cover for Confidentiality in a Wired World

Confidentiality in a Wired World

Lawyers struggle with technology and managing their clients’s confidential information in a professional manner.  Meeting the standards set by ethics bodies in North America – which tend to require both competent representation and reasonable safeguards to protect information – doesn’t … Read more