Open Source Self-Help

My list of goals has a perpetual “contribute to open source projects” line item.  Like many people who use open source software – whether it’s an Apache web server, Firefox web browser, Linux operating system, or any of a number … Read more

Windows 10 and Ubuntu Similarities

Windows 10 has started arriving and is causing a not-unexpected flurry of negative reactions to change.  I’ve even seen suggestions that, due to privacy concerns, the upgrade should be skipped and users should move to Linux.  It’s funny, because Windows … Read more

E-mail Clients for Ubuntu 13

I’ve mostly shifted to Web-based e-mail because I found that, when moving between Windows and Ubuntu machines, it was easier than using two different clients.  Ubuntu e-mail clients still call to me, though, as I like having something that provides … Read more

Tweeting on Ubuntu

I have a love-love relationship with Ubuntu.  It’s my preferred operating system and I usually have it as my alternate OS on my laptop.  My experience is that it is faster and cleaner than Windows and, as I’ve moved further … Read more