Life After XP: Hello, Ubuntu!

It is entirely coincidental that the first weekend of Bill Gate’s retirement from Microsoft is the same weekend I finally decide to kick my Windows desktop habit. I’ve been suffering under Windows XP for some time, but a recent hardware upgrade did nothing to ease my pain. I knew WIndows Vista wasn’t in my future, and I have for a long time wanted to make the shift to open source on the desktop. I’ve used Debian Linux for my Web server for some time but felt that I had too much Windows specific hardware to make the change work on the desktop. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Ubuntu is now at version 8 and is a remarkable distribution of Linux. I tried out the

Ubuntu 9.10: Access Windows Files in Dual Boot System

I am straddling two universes at the moment, using Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and Windows XP on the same machine. I had assumed that I would be rebooting if I needed to grab something from my XP machine that I hadn’t dumped out to a server somewhere. You can imagine my surprise when I went into my Places menu in Ubuntu, clicked on Desktop, and in the new window, saw an icon for my computer right next to my File System.

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Give Me More Axigen!

Soon after I reserved my domain name back in the 1990s, I wanted to run my own e-mail server. My first ISP offered Ipswitch’s iMail which was fine but I wanted to know more about the back end. But I always wanted a personal copy, so Microsoft Exchange and most other e-mail servers were beyond my budget. I’ve now migrated over to Axigen, a Linux-based e-mail server that has a free basic version. My former e-mail server, Surgemail, was fine but it felt dated and although they’ve got a new version under development, I thought I’d look for a new system! I stumbled upon Axigen, developed by a Romanian company for Linux, and it has all the bells and whistles I could want. If you have a small business and are interested in your own internal e-mail server, put Axigen on your list.

Retreat from Ubuntu

It was with great regret that, having purchased a Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu, I found that I really couldn’t make it work for what I needed. Which is not to say that there weren’t plenty of applications available, nor that it didn’t run well. In fact, I was very impressed with Ubuntu and the Dell netbook experience. But here were the basic reasons I reinstalled my Windows XP.

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Axigen Free Mail Server for Ubuntu

Axigen 7 offers a free e-mail server for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx that provides a secure platform for Web mail and IMAP with a very modern, AJAX-based interface. Now that I understand the free license better, Axigen will be my server of choice. If you are at a small law firm or business, or a non-profit, Axigen may be a perfect option for you, no matter what platform you run.