Protect a Digital Law Practice

My presentation at the 2017 Solo and Small Firm conference yesterday covered the basics of protecting your digital law practice.  It’s a familiar theme but I’ve noticed that I spend less time talking about technology these days, and far more … Read more

A Return to Thunderbird

Microsoft dominates the e-mail software world.  Outlook is an outstanding program and is substantially enhanced when used well with Microsoft Exchange servers.  But without that Exchange connection, an open source application like Mozilla’s Thunderbird can provide just as much e-mail … Read more

Sharing Open Music

Music is an integral part of our family life and everyone plays or played at instrument.  My son and I have been enjoying playing low brass instruments – me relearning, him picking up for the first time – together.  We’ve … Read more

Open Source Self-Help

My list of goals has a perpetual “contribute to open source projects” line item.  Like many people who use open source software – whether it’s an Apache web server, Firefox web browser, Linux operating system, or any of a number … Read more

Jumping Off Edge’s World

Microsoft’s Edge web browser is a nice, fast option to Internet Explorer’s bloat.  However, it still isn’t a replacement for IE entirely.  For example, you may not be able to access a Microsoft Remote Desktop server using Edge, while Internet … Read more