The Phone is My Nemesis

One of the kids has been assigned an essay that discusses nemesis. I, of course, showed him Bricktop’s discourse on pig farmers and the meaning of nemesis. Then we were playing an online game and, mistaking stubborn for stalwart, I was awarded a Nemesis badge.

It got me thinking about nemeses and, the more I thought about it, I realized what a negative productivity impact the telephone has. The phone has become my business communications nemesis.

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#Legaltech Companies Do Not Need Lawyer Founders

I saw a tweet go by, years ago, that I can no longer find or attribute – that said essentially this:

only a lawyer would go to a weekend [other profession’s] continuing education seminar and come away thinking that they were an expert in [that subject matter].

There are lots of ways to do things but lawyers aren’t experts at everything.  It might be that a person with a law degree can help to place a product or service in a legal context, or make it ready for the legal vertical.  But there’s no need for a company starting up in the #legaltech world, or repositioning for it, to have a lawyer at its founding or even in its operations.

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