Curate to See Broader Information Set

FIlter bubbles can cause information pros to miss important or relevant information. This is how I use a mixture of apps, web sites, and filtering tools to get both focused results and some sense of serendipity in my current awareness and news gathering.

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Plone 4: Updating Portlet Templates

I don’t recall my first Plone version but since at least Plone 2 I have been using customized portlets. Initially, I started by using the News portlet and customizing it to show other types of content. When I started to try to use Plone for blogging and created a new content type based on News, the News portlet was easily copied to create a Blog portlet. Then I tweaked it a bit to show the new blog content type. When I migrated to Plone 3, I had to update the portlet but it was mostly just additional tweaking. Plone 4 appears to have changed the portlet scheme further, so the numerous portlet templates that I have customized no longer work. Here’s how I recreated the blog portlet using the built-in portlet framework.

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Convert Excel to RSS

I am a long time fan of macros, first in WordPerfect and then in the Microsoft suite. But I don’t use them as often as I should, nor do I know as much as I should about them. So when I began to look for a way to create RSS-compliant XML files using Microsoft Excel, I figured there had to be some fancy footwork involved. There was – thanks to – but once you get under the hood, it’s a pretty straightforward macro you can hack to your own needs.