Who are Your Links Working For?

Link shortening happens on many social media platforms and in mobile apps. It is easy to create shortened links – even with the demise of goo.gl – but if you’re doing it for your law library, consider how you can manage the long term access both to the document and the analytics surrounding the link.

The Invisible World of RSS

Another RSS reader bites the dust and there is that sense that RSS is on the way out. But that belies the healthy number of RSS tools available to law librarians, and the opportunities they provide to perform the librarian roles of selecting and providing access to legal information.

From Word to Epub Requires Clean Up

I’d like an easy way for law libraries to publish legal information provided by lawyers or law professors. The simple way to convert a Microsoft Word document to epub format is deceptive. Unfortunately, clean up is necessary that may be beyond the ability or interest of the author and the time resources of the library. But the next step may be simple behind-the-scenes automation tools.