Rocketmatter Integrates IMAP E-mail

An initial drawback to going to software-as-a-service practice management was that the services tend to be islands.  You might have had Web e-mail and Web case management but neither the twain would meet.  E-mail is now integrated so that you can get into your practice management app and get directly to your e-mail.  Clio integrates with e-mail clients and Google Apps.  Amicus Attorney is linked to Microsoft Exchange.  Now Rocketmatter is integrating e-mail using IMAP.

Briefly, when you use e-mail software, you typically either download messages to your computer (POP3) or you connect to the remote e-mail server, leaving them in place (IMAP).  The interesting thing about RocketMatter’s approach is that pretty much any Web-based e-mail, whether it’s from Google, Microsoft, or your local Internet Service Provider, will support IMAP.  It means that RocketMatter users can link just about any Web-based e-mail account to their practice management system.  It’s a nice product-generic approach to integration.

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